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Sessile 1.jpg

Journey, stone lithography on cotton paper, 35 x 42 cm, 2021

Sessile 3.jpg

Food, stone lithography on cotton paper, 17,5 x 24,5 cm, 2021

Sessile 2.jpg
Sessile Prostasia.jpg

Protection, stone lithography on cotton paper, 50 x 46 cm, 2021

Sessile 5.jpg

Offering, stone lithography on cotton paper, 22 x 29,5 cm, 2021

Sessile 4.JPG

To be sessile is to be in a state of a permanent fixture to a place without the ability to move about. The idea of being sessile, however, should not be equated with a lack of subjectivity. Sharing the ideology expressed by the words of Martin Clark “A philosophical consideration of vegetal life requires an expanded appreciation for modes of being peculiar to plants, attending to them on their own terms as centers of intelligence that exert behavior within scales of time and movement that differ vastly from our own”. 

In other words, plants are rooted, grounded, tied to the earth but wholly alive, active, and resourceful in relation to their surroundings. Such plant life behavior demonstrates an innate intelligence that gradually reveals itself through different stages. A single seed given the right conditions contains all the components it needs to potentially grow and advance into a full-grown organism and perpetuate itself as a life form on the planet. With nourishment, layers appear within it, transcending it to the next state of being.

This notion of layers of information that gradually unravel to tell a story is also at the heart of archaeology. Traces of past civilizations coexisting on the same grounds point to the fragile world in which we live.

The Solo Exhibition debuted at the Nicosia Municipal Hambis Printmaking Museum after an invitation to launch the Museum's new exhibition room “Anoi” in the summer of 2021 and was selected to be exhibited at the IMPACT12 International Printmaking Conference in Bristol, UK in September 2022.

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