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In the Wood

In the Wood exhibition 1.jpg
In the Wood exhibition 2.jpg
In the Wood exhibition 3.jpg
In the Wood carving.JPG

In the wood, carved woodblocks, Artist’s Book of printed woodcuts

Japanese ink on washi paper, various sizes

In the wood is a non-linear picture book exploring images of fictional social environments, reimagining a world of symbiosis.

Printed from carved woodblocks, it is reminiscent of old folktale books, like Chapbooks printed in early modern Europe as a type of street literature and intended for distribution to the public. Inspired by the environmentally engaged works by Joseph Beuys and the empowering social community references on the writing of Monique Wittig in her book Les Guérillės, the work illustrated a world where the Other can thrive through integration. Drawing attention away from the anthropocentric realm to allow all living things space and time to exist, a fantastic world is imagined and projected. The organic forms of plants, animals and human-like figures are woven together, sometimes blending into one another, creating long rhythms that stretch across page borders.


This body of work was created as part of the Social Sculptures::BEUYS100 project in 2021, organised and supported by the Goethe-Institut Cyprus and curated by Marina Christodoulidou.

Photographs are by Goethe-Institure, Andreas Loucaides, the Artist.

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