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Japan Recollections

Japan works 1.JPG
Japan works 2.JPG
Japan works 3.JPG
Japan works Journey.jpg

Tabi, mokuhanga Japanese ink on washi paper, 120 x 25 cm, 2016

Japan works Oneira Glyka.jpg

Knitting Dreams, mokuhanga water pigment on washi paper, 41 x 57 cm, 2017

Japan works Peacocks.jpg

Fortune, aluminum plate and stone lithography on washi paper, 55 x 70 cm, 2018

Japan works Nostalgia.jpg

Nostalgia for the non-existent, mokuhanga water pigment on washi paper, 50 x 64 cm, 2018

A collection of printmaking works, created over Simone’s three-year stay in Japan, researching Japanese woodblock printing, handmade paper, and printmaking materials. The title “Recollections” invited visitors to revisit some of the Artist's memories and create souvenirs from this experience.

Using traditional printmaking processes like water-based woodblock (MOKUHANGA) and lithography; Simone gives a strong emphasis on the materials selected for each piece. 

Works are printed on handmade fiber paper and fabric allowing the characteristics of the material to inform the technique selected, highlighting the aesthetic qualities of each process.

For the curation of the exhibition, a limited series of relief stamps were designed to accompany each work as visual captions. 

Visitors were given no instructions, but as it is custom to collect ephemeral objects - like stamps - in Japanese culture, this interactive element of the exhibition needed no introduction. “Stamp me” collectible cards were provided at the space with a grid encouraging people to almost create the memories they are most fond of, through the act of stamping the featured works in the collectible cards.

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