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Afternoon Tea

Afternoon Tea.jpg
Afternoon Tea process 2.JPG
Afternoon Tea process 1.jpg

Afternoon Tea, woodcut on cotton paper, 60 x 60 cm, 2020

Simone works in the traditional process of a reduction woodblock print; to depict a veranda scene taking place sometime in the colonial history of the hotel. This particular technique allows her to compose a topography out of layers of information to comment on the social and class differences among the serving staff and the guests of the Forest Park hotel during the colonial era. Social contrasts are reflected in Philippou’s work through the use of different layers of colour.

We can never go back again, that much is certain. The past is still too close to us: Daphne du Maurier’s Rebecca (1938) and the space of Forest Park Hotel, Platres

The exhibition, in the space of the historic Forest Park Hotel within the community of Platres, takes the form of artistic interventions by the teaching staff of the department of Fine Arts at the Cyprus University of Technology. The aim of the exhibition is to encapsulate the colonial and postcolonial past of the hotel and by extension that of its distinguished guests and of the island of Cyprus.

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