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Goats *et cetera

Goats 1.JPG

Goats *et cetera, glaze print on ceramics, various sizes, 2019

Goats 2.JPG
Goats 3.jpg

Spring Awakening, monotype on cotton paper, 28 x 75 cm, 2019

Goats 4.jpg

earth > stone, stone lithography on cotton paper, 15 x 17 cm, 2019

Goats 5.JPG

Earth 1, Earth 2, ceramics, various sizes, 2019

The work presented in this collaborative exhibition with three other Artists was created after collective conversations and reflections of time spent in the pasture together making art.

Working in a variety of mediums exploring light and forms, studying them from life, recreating them on paper, on stone, with clay, with earth. 

Source of origin - a village native to rich red earth and thousands of goats. 

The village of Androlikou, found in the Akamas Peninsula, where ceramic artist Vassos Demetriou has been hosting an experimental ceramics workshop for the last six years.

Narratives of growth, pasture, natural habitat, flora, fauna, and symbiosis are expressed in ceramics and on paper with the use of printmaking.

Simone explores ways of applying her printmaking skills onto three-dimensional forms, tying together her interests in ceramics and the earth.

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