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Toxic Portraits : A Gout Project

Series of gout patient portraits made into copper plate etchings, exploring the properties of uric acid and its corrosive effects. The exhibition takes place at High Line Nine Galleries in New York, April 16 - 18.

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Bravo Bravo Editions SHOWCASE

Bravo Bravo Editions is launching with an event focused on cultivating the collecting of contemporary art. Presenting an exciting selection of contemporary artists that range from internationally recognised to the fresh and emerging, this event aims to bring light to the breadth of current artistic practice.


Upcoming Solo Exhibition: 

Sessile - The Printmakers Garden 

IMPACT12 - The Printmakers Voice

Hosted online and in Bristol, UK 21/9/2022-25/9/2022

The Conference is exploring a series of themes, Simone’s work will be presented in The Printmakers Garden as a solo exhibition.

View complete list of exhibitions here: 


​​IMPACT Conference

Simone Philippou Solo Exhibition 44-06

Centre For Print Research

University of the West of England (UWE Bristol)

Building W, Frenchay Campus

Coldharbour Lane

Bristol BS16 1QY

United Kingdom

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